This week…

Ooh some potentially good news about product sponsors, but I can’t tell you what it is yet, sorry.

What else? I went to Edinburgh with the two doctors who lead the research team that I volunteer for; we met up with Scottish MP Margo MacDonald who agrees that something needs to be done to advance promising Parkinson’s Disease research. She is an independent MP and seems to be a great believer in PE and improving people’s access to sport (doing it not watching it I reckon). She has Parkinson’s Disease herself and it was good to talk to someone who understood the less obvious elements of the disease from first hand experience.

The rest of the week consisted mainly of cycling and other exercise. I do a lot of my miles on this:

a kind of mindless multi-tasking

I bought a turbo-trainer that you can put a normal bike in and pedal away; the trainer simulates the resistance of riding a bike on the road. I found a flat screen tv arm and mounted it on the side of a work bench. I adapted it slightly and used some yacht pulleys to help support its weight (and my hands resting on it) from the ceiling. I am just editing a little video about this if you need more explanation! It has solved the problem of having to do lots of hours cycling and computer use in one day. I had thought of adding a generator to it so that this laptop could be powered by me pedaling, but there just isn’t time, because I’m cycling and emailing so much.

In the future, as in about 6 months, everyone will be sitting at their desks pedaling and emailing. It saves electricity and gymnasium membership, and also stops you falling asleep and getting fidgety at work.

Thats it for today. I’m going to get off the bike and go to the gymnasium (no, I won’t be abbreviating that word, not ever).

By James Bowthorpe

My name is James Bowthorpe. On the 29th March 2009 I set out from London to break the round the world cycling record. I am doing this to raise 1.8 million pounds for much needed research into the cause of Parkinson’s Disease. I have been preparing for this challenge for the last 6 months and now I’m on my way! You can follow my progress and see photos, on my blog.

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