Perth Day

Oh I was going to write a nice long blog about what a good day I have had in Perth. Its been so good but quite busy and tiring! I will therefore go to sleep and maybe write a bitmore about it on the phone and upload it later on.

I would like to thank Dr Kim Hames and his staff, Patti and Bernadette at ABC Radio, David Smith at UWA, Sats and Aldo at Quantum Bikes (pictured) and most importantly Greg Gregory and everyone here who drove me around, fed me and generally helped me out.

Got to do a couple more things in the morning and then off we go – 4080 miles to Brisbane!

By James Bowthorpe

My name is James Bowthorpe. On the 29th March 2009 I set out from London to break the round the world cycling record. I am doing this to raise 1.8 million pounds for much needed research into the cause of Parkinson’s Disease. I have been preparing for this challenge for the last 6 months and now I’m on my way! You can follow my progress and see photos, on my blog.

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