Hybrid Bikes With Drop Bars: Is It Possible To Put Together?

For a cycler, riding a hybrid bike is truly a dream to them. This is where all the fun and motivation begin. With great comfort and easy control, hybrid bikes suit everyone, especially for new starters.

However, more and more cyclists want to level up the riding experience by combining hybrid bikes with drop bars. Can you do it? If yes, how to get the job done? Keep scrolling down for more information. All you need will be revealed in this article.

hybrid bikes with drop bars

Can You Put Drop Bars On A Hybrid Bike?

The short answer is yes. However, there is one thing you need to take into consideration before making up your mind: Putting a hybrid bicycle with drop handlebars will change its characteristics and functions. This process requires many new components to ensure the system is perfectly assembled.

Here are the general steps to follow when installing drop handlebars on a hybrid bike:

Step 1: Gather the necessary components

Collect the required items, such as drop handlebars, a compatible stem, brake and shift levers, handlebar tape, and cables if needed.

Step 2: Assess compatibility

Ensure that hybrid bike’s stem and fork steerer tube diameter is compatible with the drop handlebars you intend to install. Confirm that the stem clamp diameter matches the handlebars.

Step 3: Remove the old handlebars

Loosen the bolts on the stem using an appropriate wrench and carefully remove the existing handlebars. Take note of the position of the brake and shift levers if you plan to reuse them.

Step 4: Insert the new stem

If necessary, replace the old stem with a compatible one that matches the clamp diameter of the drop handlebars. Remove the old one and install the new one securely.

Step 5:Put on the handlebar

Slide them into the stem clamp and adjust them to your desired position. Ensure the handlebars are firmly tightened using the specified torque.

Step 6: Install brake and shift levers

Mount the brake and shift levers onto the drop handlebars according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Position them comfortably within reach.

Step 7: Cable routing

If your drop handlebars have internal cable routing, thread the brake and shift cables through the handlebars internally. For bikes without internal cable routing, use external cable routing.

Step 8: Adjust and fine-tune

Customize the position of the handlebars, brake levers, and shifters to suit your preferred fit and riding style. Confirm that they are securely in place and properly aligned.

Step 9: Wrap handlebar tape

Begin wrapping the handlebar tape from the center, moving towards the ends. Ensure a snug and even wrap for cushioning and grip. Cut off any extra tape, then seal the ends.

Step 10: Final checks 

Double-check all bolts and connections to ensure they are appropriately tightened. Test the brakes and shifters to ensure they are functioning correctly. Also, make sure that the bike chain is tight and works perfectly.

What Are The Pros Of Hybrid Bikes With Drop Bars?

Additional Hand Positions

There are 3 hand positions on drop bars: hoods, bars, and drops. These multiple selections will provide a wide range of hand grips to help you stay comfortable while riding your hybrid.

Easily Fit Through Tight Gaps On The Road 

With a measurement of 15-18 inches in width, the drop bars are approximately 8 inches narrower than other flat bars. You might think this difference is not substantially important. 

However, when you commute frequently through congested city traffic, it will be your perfect aid to help you slip through the tiniest crack.

More Efficient 

The drops prove their perfect advantages as they allow riders to crouch down to ride against a strong headwind, downhill, or at high speed. This stance makes riding more energy-saving. You can overcome the harsh way with blowing wind at ease.

hybrid bicycle with drop handlebars
Crouching down makes riding more energy-saving.

Suitable For Climbing Hills 

The key point to pass those steep hills is to lower your body as much forward as you can. This facilitates climbing hills more tirelessly. With the help of brake hoods, riders have a steady spot to hold and control the hybrid bike. 

Shifting forward also increases the pedal level, which makes your journey more fun and challenging. With each movement, this stance will enable you to produce more force on the pedals.

Quicker Cycling

Drop handlebars allow you to go quicker while still generating the same energy as the flat bars. The aerodynamic advantage is the main reason behind this. The more you ride, the more energy you save. 

For instance, you could cycle for an additional mile per hour when using drops, which scale up to more than 200 miles ahead in a 1 month-cycling tour compared to the flat ones.

Attractive Appearance

Honestly, drop bars come with a remarkable look that adds more flare to your hybrid bike. All the curves bring back an aesthetic feeling for the riders, making them even cooler on tough roads.

Tips To Choose Good Drop Bars

Can you put drop handlebars on a hybrid bike? Now, you know that you can definitely do it. Below are some notes to pick the most suited drop bars for your hybrid bike.


Aluminum drop bars are preferred over carbon due to their low cost, lightweight yet robust nature. It is particularly favored by mountain cyclists who value its impact resistance, making it common among aggressive riders. 

Additionally, aluminum components are easier to assess for damage after a collision compared to carbon. So if you find yourself climbing hills and mountains with your hybrid bike frequently, this is the choice.

can you put drop bars on a hybrid bike

On the other hand, carbon is preferred in certain racing categories where a lighter bike enhances performance. 

Carbon’s stiffness allows for efficient energy transfer, and it also excels at dampening vibrations for a comfortable ride, especially on poorly maintained city streets. As such, you can go for this material if you use your hybrid to commute.


To determine the appropriate handlebar width for a hybrid road bike, measure the width across your shoulders. Then add approximately 1 inch. This additional measurement will provide you with the necessary comfort while gripping the handlebar. 

Remember that handlebar width is measured from the center of one bar end to the other. Do not mess this up if you do not want to waste time going around selecting a new handlebar.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Look for drop bars with ergonomic shapes that deliver comfortable hand positions and reduce fatigue on longer rides. Some bars feature flattened tops or ergonomic bends for improved comfort and wrist alignment.


Ensure that your drop bars match with your hybrid bike’s stem and brake/shift levers. Check the clamp diameter and compatibility with internal cable routing if applicable.


Remember that combining hybrid bikes with drop bars can significantly alter their geometry and handling characteristics. If you lack confidence in performing the installation, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional bike mechanic or visit a local bike shop for proper installation and adjustments.

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