What Are The HUNT Wheels Problems? 10 Common Issues 

HUNT is one of the most famous bicycle-manufacturing brands in the world, yet this company causes controversy over its products’ quality. So what are the HUNT wheels problems?   

This article will present more information about 10 common issues related to wheel models from HUNT, coupled with feasible solutions to each problem. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down for further details!

What Is The HUNT Wheel Brand?  

The company’s name is HUNT, coupled with its tagline “The Chase Is On,” which derives from the endless process of seeking the optimal solutions for riders. In other words, HUNT always wants to bring the perfect experience for customers. 

HUNT was first founded in 2015 in West Sussex, United Kingdom, and its headquarter is located in Partridge Green. Its approach to product development focuses on performance as the top priority with a forward-thinking technology application and ride-centered engineering. 

The enterprise makes sure that its products are fast, durable, light, and wide with the equipment of tubeless technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing devices.  

10 Common HUNT Wheels Problems

hunt wheels problems

One of the most popular problems of the HUNT bicycle is flat tires and punctures because its tires are prone to damage over time. Sometimes, you might also find it difficult to pedal and face the issue of broken chains that you should know. 

Here are 10 common problems with HUNT bikes for you to consider. 

Flat Tires And Punctures 

After a few years, your tire’s quality seems to degrade. When you ride over sharp or rough objects, like glass, nails, or other road obstacles, the puncture of your tire is damaged, making the air inside your tire escape

Difficulty In Pedaling

Sometimes, you may get into trouble riding the pedal. The main culprit behind this difficulty lies in broken brake pads that are too loosened to endure great pressure burdened on your bike frame.  

Broken Chain

This roller chain transfers power from the pedals to the drive wheel of a bike, thereby propelling its movement. When this chain is broken and interrupted, no longer power is generated; hence, you cannot ride the bicycle properly. 

Skipping Chain

When you are riding a bike and you suddenly stop. This is primarily attributed to the skipping chain that has come loose over time of use. Numerous causes include a broken chain link, a failing cogset, an incorrectly installed chain, etc.  

Bike Won’t Shift Gears

The improper shifting of bike gears is another scenario. Its faulty operation is primarily rooted in the damaged rear derailleur or the wrong gear position, which is too high or too low. Your bike gear can be bent after accidents and crashes.  

Squeaky Brakes

Sometimes, you may hear some squeaking sounds when riding a bike. When encountering this issue, check the angle of brake pads immediately because it can be in the wrong direction. Another possible rationale lies in the stuck grit behind a brake pad. 

Broken Spokes

Most spoke materials are made of solid steel because it plays the most important role in the bicycle’s structure. So when you face a pothole and hit a curb, the spoke is susceptible to wear, and you no longer use a HUNT bike properly. 

Dented Rims

A bike rim makes up the outer circular design of the wheel on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles. Suppose the rim is dented; it could affect the tire’s normal operation and even tear it out. 

Rear Pannier Rack Wobbling

A rack on the bicycle stems from the failed working of nuts and bolts, which take charge of connecting different parts. If they loosen over time, the rack will snap and eventually damage the bike. 

Rusted Bike Frame

After a few years, you might notice some rusting spots on the bicycle’s frame due to the constant contact with water droplets in the air. That’s why you must maintain it frequently and eliminate these rusts to enhance its appearance and avert worse scenarios. 

What Should You Do To Solve Your HUNT Wheel Problems?  

Here are feasible methods you can apply to solve the problem of your HUNT Wheel bicycle. 

  • If something is wrong with your bike’s tires and punctures, replace them instantly with a new one. Remember to purchase high-quality tires, as fake products are notorious for their bad performance. 
  • Use some anti-corrosion spray to prevent the potential damage. 
  • Suppose the bicycle brake is the main culprit; examine the brake pads and check the movement of cables and brake handles.
  • After facing an accident and crash, you should call a professional mechanic to come, look at your car’s condition, and see whether there is something abnormal. Then, he will repair the damaged parts instantly. 
  • Always take a bike multi-tool and chain tool along with you on the trip so you can fix some pop-up issues, like skipping or broken chains, on time. 
  • Contact the HUNT’s service center for help if you find some troubles with your bike. 
hunt bike wheels

How Could I Contact HUNT For Repair Service?   

You can contact the HUNT service center in two ways: via hotline and support form. If you have an urgent query or cannot find a suitable appointment, please schedule a phone call for help. 

This technical and warranty support form will help if you desire to organize a repair. And remember that HUNT only offers services to the following aspects: 

  • Rim swaps
  • Wheel truing
  • Freehub body swaps
  • Spoke replacement
  • Bearing replacement

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you will thoroughly understand the 10 common HUNT Wheels problems, including bad tires and treads, pedaling difficulty, and failed chains. 

Besides presenting further information about the troubles of HUNT bicycles, we also give you two approaches to contact the brand for help in case you detect something wrong with your vehicle.    

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!

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