Bike sponsorship news

I’ve got a bike! It’s a Santos Travelmaster – relatively unknown here in the UK but they are great touring bikes with nice geometry and a custom build system. If you like bike part bins and precision milling, as I do, you can find their build process video on YouTube somewhere… I’m really pleased. Of… Continue reading Bike sponsorship news

YouTube Channel

Hi… I think I’ve worked out how to embed YouTube up in this place. Not what you’d call programming or anything, but its a milestone for me… Here is the promo by Lucy at And here is the 120 miles around London video… more to come once I get a few more scenes shot. You… Continue reading YouTube Channel

This week…

Ooh some potentially good news about product sponsors, but I can’t tell you what it is yet, sorry. What else? I went to Edinburgh with the two doctors who lead the research team that I volunteer for; we met up with Scottish MP Margo MacDonald who agrees that something needs to be done to advance promising Parkinson’s Disease research.… Continue reading This week…

post 2

Blogging about Quotes is like Talking about Music Its all happening now. I have my first equipment and service sponsors! Upside Down It (who designed the site) and James Robb (who programmed it) are both already there. Now I can put up the Honest Jon’s badge and a link; they are DJ’ing at my send off and are also acting… Continue reading post 2

GlobeCycle is go!

Welcome to the GlobeCycle blog. My name is James Bowthorpe. I am aiming to break the record for cycling around the world to raise £1.8 million for unique research into Parkinson’s Disease. I will be cycling 18000 miles over a period of about five and a half months; cycling 120 miles a day for 150… Continue reading GlobeCycle is go!