I found an internet kiosk near the edge of the Nullabor. There is a keyboard and screen like normal and its all mounted in a box. Inside the box are some workings and a man all scrunched up with a screen that shows him what I’m writing. He jots it all down and when I’m… Continue reading QUICK!

Perth Day

Oh I was going to write a nice long blog about what a good day I have had in Perth. Its been so good but quite busy and tiring! I will therefore go to sleep and maybe write a bitmore about it on the phone and upload it later on. I would like to thank… Continue reading Perth Day

Holed up, wait a minute.

Well, Bangkok seems nice. I have managed to walk at least as far as the nearby Hilton everyday, eat some macaroni cheese and then walk back to where I’m staying. I have been instructed by the medical support team not to go anywhere until I can eat the required 6000 + calories over the course… Continue reading Holed up, wait a minute.

India – bigger than me

Unfortunately I can’t think about much of my time in India without feeling a little bit queasy. I wanted to do it as quickly as possible and I think I did a pretty good pace, even with the illness day, but it didn’t leave much time for reflection. I am now in Bangkok on my… Continue reading India – bigger than me

Men on Motorcycles.

Quite often men on motorcycles will ride next to me for a bit asking questions and inviting me their home. Here are three such individuals. (I have the pilot’s card somewhere.)

They would rather the bike.

Santos should be pleased! Since about Ukraine people (and I mean men, women haven’t really figures much yet) have been more interested in my bike than me. The belt drive is a big crowd draw. Here are some men standing around the TravelMaster, talking.


This man is running for office in the current India elections. His party’s logo is a bicycle so his Young and Brilliant campaign team put stickers all over my panniers. I told them the giant flag was too much. The stickers soon fell off in the wind and heat. I wouldn’t vote for this man;… Continue reading Coopted

Answering some Q’s.

People have been asking me about my routine and also about food. Here is the lowdown from my end. I didn’t really have a routine at the start and some days it still feels like I am catching myself up. If the terrain was the same every day, then I could have a very strict… Continue reading Answering some Q’s.


5th May Had a good rest day in Amritsar. Did all my washing, cleaned out the panniers, aired the sleeping bag (much needed), reworked the route (waiting to hear from Guinness) and spent 5 hours emailing and computer stuff. Ate 4 large meals. This is no travel guide but I can recommend the Grand Hotel… Continue reading India