A Guest Speaker Speaks…

I’m really pleased to be part of a blogging chain – the maths is a bit beyond me but luckily someone else has done that already. We are all like-minded people so we won’t be bombarding you with anything you’re not interested in. As an aside I seem to be getting a lot of spam… Continue reading A Guest Speaker Speaks…

That Boat’s Rubbish Mate!

The next little adventure I am planning is inspired by a man called Poppa Neutrino. Alec Wilkinson wrote a book about him called “The Happiest Man In The World” where he describes some of the things Neutrino did; caught rabies, changed his name (to Neutrino), built a boat out of rubbish, sailed it across the Atlantic… Continue reading That Boat’s Rubbish Mate!


I have learnt a lot over the last couple of weeks by telling my story to different audiences, from schools and cycling crowds to Parkinson’s Disease groups. It has been an interesting lesson in storytelling and I’m looking forward to more on the horizon, including a primary school next week (I have bought a giant… Continue reading Kappa

My legs; an overview.

Lots of people have been asking me how my legs feel now I’ve stopped cycling. I will prefix my answer to this question by talking about how my legs felt towards the end of the ride. By the time I got half way across the US my legs had reached equilibrium; they had expanded and… Continue reading My legs; an overview.

Meeting James TOMORROW!

Here he comes! It’s almost done! James is about 10miles from Le Havre – all being well he’ll sail this evening and be in Portsmouth tonight. Below are all the estimated times and places for James’s ride tomorrow but please bear in mind things could drift a bit and do keep an eye on the… Continue reading Meeting James TOMORROW!

Up to speed.

I thought I’d write a quick blog to explain GlobeCycle to anyone who has just joined in. My name is James Bowthorpe, I’m from London in the UK. I volunteer at a Parkinson’s Disease (PD) research clinic based at King’s College London in the Institute of Psychiatry. I started this work more than 2.5 years ago to… Continue reading Up to speed.

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Things just got busier.

Western Australia is pretty sparsely populated. The Nullarbor has enough people in it to fill a bus. The Eyre Peninsula is quiet, mainly sheep. Adelaide and environs are quite dense, but not enough to feel at all crowded. There’s then another quiet patch before Geelong hits you, with Melbourne following swiftly behind with a large… Continue reading Things just got busier.