Bike Chain Keeps Falling Off – What Bikers Must Do?

Bike chain keeps falling off – It is frustrating, right? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reasons, practical tips, and tricks to keep your bike chain secure and prevent those annoying interruptions. 

Get ready to ride smoothly and enjoy your cycling adventures!

bike chain keeps falling off

My Bike Chain Keeps Falling Off – Why & How To Fix?

The chain may be too loose, old, or broken. Also, the gears or derailleur may not be aligned properly. The chainrings or cogs/cassettes may be bent or damaged. Dirt and bumps can also cause it.

Improper Chain Tension

Why does my bike chain keep popping? The first reason relates to the chain tension.

When the chain is too loose or tight, it can cause problems. If it’s loose, it might fall off easily. If it’s too tight, it can make pedaling harder. Therefore, proper bike chain tightness is important for a smooth ride.

To fix this, first, loosen the back wheel a little so that the chain has room to move. Then, pull the wheel back a bit to make the chain tighter, but not too tight. Make sure the wheel is straight with the bike and tighten everything up. 

Finding the proper tightness may require some adjustments and personal preference. With the bike on the ground or in a bike stand, use your hand to push the chain up and down at the midpoint between the front and rear gears. The chain should move slightly up and down, about half an inch. 

If it is still too hard for you, it’s recommended to bring the bicycle to a shop for a bike expert to take care of the rest.

Worn-Out Or Damaged Chain

Why does my bike chain keep falling off? The second reason is that some parts are broken. If the chain is old or damaged, it won’t work well. Over time, the metal parts can wear down, making the chain weaker. 

A damaged chain might have broken or bent links, leading to it popping or falling off. To this end, get a new chain that’s in good shape. Don’t keep the old parts, as they’ll cause more problems and cost you more money.

Tip: Use a chain checker tool to measure how much wear has happened to the chain. Typically, chain checkers have specific markings or indicators that help determine the level of wear. 

Then you can determine if the chain needs to be replaced. If it has stretched beyond a certain threshold, as indicated by the tool, it is recommended to replace the part. 

Misaligned Gears Or Derailleur

Gears make you go faster or slower when you pedal. If they’re not aligned up right, the chain might fall off. The derailleur helps move the chain between gears. The chain won’t stay in place if it’s not set up correctly. 

Look closely to see whether the gears and derailleur are straight. If they’re not, they need fixing. Trouble shifting gears smoothly or a chain that doesn’t move easily could mean they’re misaligned. Strange noises, like clicking or grinding or a chain that skips or slips unexpectedly, can also mean misalignment. 

Use a knob called barrel adjuster on the derailleur to fix it. Turn it until the gears and derailleur are aligned. Then, test if the gears work well and the chain stays on securely. 

Note: Sometimes, if you don’t know which derailleur is best for your bike, and you choose the wrong one, it can also cause the chain to fall off. 

So, if you’re unsure which derailleur suits your bike, ask a professional for help to make the right choice.

Bent Or Damaged Chainrings Or Cassette

Chainrings are the circular gear with teeth that the chain sits on in the front. Cassettes are the toothed gear where the chain is placed on the back wheel. 

If they’re bent or damaged, the chain won’t fit properly, falling off or making strange noises while riding. You need to replace them with new ones. It will ensure the chain fits properly and facilitate smooth pedaling. 

Note: Wear out front sprocket also potentially contributes to the chain popping out because a faulty one may not provide the necessary grip on the chain, leading to chain slippage or derailment. Therefore, you should check the components carefully.

Dirt & Grime

Dirt building up on the chain can make it harder for the part to move smoothly. The dirt can also get into the moving parts, causing them to work less effectively. Consider using WD40 on bike chains for cleaning and proper lubricant for maintenance to help prevent this problem.

Another option is to use bike chain wax. It can help protect it from things that can make it wear faster. However, waxing the chain takes a lot of time, and you need special tools and materials.


The chain can come off when you ride over a bump or rough surface. The jolt from the bump can make the chain disconnect from the gears or chainrings. It usually happens when the terrain is uneven or bumpy. Try to avoid big bumps or ride slowly over them to keep this at bay. 

why does my bike chain keep falling off

Bicycle Chain Falls Off: How To Prevent? 

Maintaining Proper Chain Tension

Find the right balance where the chain has a bit of slack but isn’t sagging or tight. Regularly check and adjust the tension to prevent chain-related issues.

Regular Chain Inspection And Maintenance

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your bicycle chain is essential for preventing it from falling off. Look for signs of wear, such as rust, dirt buildup, or stretched links. Clean the chain regularly to remove dirt and grime affecting its performance. 

Grease the part with bicycle-specific lubricant to reduce friction and keep it running uneventfully. By giving your buddy proper care, you can avoid unexpected chain derailments.

Ensuring Gear And Derailleur Alignment

Proper gear and derailleur alignment play a crucial role in preventing chain falls. If misalignment is detected, make necessary adjustments using the barrel adjuster on the derailleur. It will help the chain smoothly switch between gears, reducing the risk of derailment.

Checking And Replacing Worn-Out Components

Regularly check the condition of chainrings, cogs, and other relevant parts. If you notice bent or damaged chainrings or cogs, replace them promptly to maintain a properly functioning chain system.

Seeking Professional Assistance If Needed

If you’re uncertain about maintaining or repairing your bicycle chain, it’s wise to seek professional assistance from a bike mechanic. They have the expertise to identify potential issues, perform precise adjustments, and ensure proper chain tension and alignment. 

Skilled technicians can also support you in choosing the right components if replacements are required. Don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance, as their knowledge and experience can help prevent chain-related problems effectively.

Lastly, there’s a straightforward method to ensure your chain stays on: Use electronic shifters. Give it a try if you want a hassle-free cycling journey.

bicycle chain falls off


Can I fix the problem of the bike chain constantly falling off myself?

Yes, you can try to fix the bike chain constantly falling off yourself. Start by checking the chain tension, cleaning and lubricating the chain, and ensuring the gears and derailleur are aligned properly. However, if these steps don’t work, we recommend you seek help from a bike expert.

Do I need to replace the chain or other components when my bike chain pops?

It depends on the situation. If your bike chain keeps popping, it could mean there’s a problem with the chain or other parts. Check the chain for wear or damage. 

Let’s say it’s worn or damaged; it’s best to replace it. Also, examine the chainrings and cogs for any bending or damage. Once they’re affected, they may need replacement. However, there are some cases where small adjustments fix the issue, so you may not need to replace anything.


Now, you are armed with the know-how to deal with the issue when your bike chain keeps falling off. Lack of maintenance often triggers the problem, so do remember to treat your bicycle to a check-up regularly. Take control of your cycling experience, enjoy uninterrupted rides, and maximize your time on the saddle. 

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