How Much Does A Bike Chain Cost For Replacement? Price Chart

How much does a bike chain cost? It’s essential to find the best answer to this question. Knowing the right price of a bike chain will help you choose the suitable type with an economical budget. 

This also is helpful to reduce the replacement or repair cost if your bike chain malfunctions or is damaged. Keep reading this article to learn about the cost of a decent bike chain and other useful information about this part. 

How Much Does a Bike Chain Cost?

The average cost of a bike chain can range from $10 to $20 for a decent type, varying with brands, plus $20-$30 labor cost. Yet, if you want to choose and use a better chain type for your bike, the cost will be from $30 to $100. 

You can refer more the detailed cost of each chain type and brand in the table below: 

Bike chain types/brandsCost
Zonkie Single-Speed$13 
Zonkie Speed$15
Bibike Speed$13 – $48
KMC Z410$10 – $100
Zhiqiu$10 – $20
Shimano$25 – $80

Based On Types


This bike chain type will cost about $15, which is affordable for your bicycle. 

Besides, it’s definite to use a one-speed chain if your bike includes two sprocket wheels. Normally, this chain type is 1/8″ wide but is rarely as wide as 3/16″. 

how much does a bike chain cost
One-speed bike chain is affordable.


A derailleur chain is the exact opposite of a single-speed type. It may be compatible with multi-sprocket or multi-speed bikes. The thickness of this bicycle chain is somewhere between 5.3 mm – 7.0 mm. These chains are typically priced at around $20.

Based On Brands

Zonkie Single-Speed

This chain type is ideal for your bicycle to work in good condition with a budget-friendly cost of $13.

Despite being shorter than the one-speed chain type, it has excellent rust resistance and good lubricity. This chain kind can pair well with single-speed bikes. Also, it’s simple to install and easy to maintain. 

Zonkie Speed

Zonkie speed chain has appeared on the bike market for a long time with affordable prices and great function. This is your number one choice for a bike with multiple gears, including  6, 7, or 8. 

You should spend around $15 for its superior quality and resistant features. These chains are simple to maintain and durable on any multi-speed bike. Plus, there are 126 links in the chain and measures 1/2 x 3/32 inches. 

Bibike Speed

This bike chain type is light, hard, and wear-resistant, costing $13 – $48 for bicycles with 6 to 11 gears. Also, it is ideal for MTBs and some other commuter bicycles. These chains are available in two main colors – gold and silver. 

bike chain replacement cost
Bibike Speed chains are best suited with MTBs.

KMC Z410

KMC Z410 can tick the boxes of many shoppers with a wide price range from under $10 to nearly $100. 

This is one of the most common one-speed bike chains with 112 links and a measurement of 1/2 x 1/8 inch. It includes a hard, firm finish and is nickel plated to prevent corrosion and rust. Plus, this chain gives your bicycle versatility with a smooth running performance.


Zhiqiu is another option if you want to use a cost-saving chain for your bike with a cost range of $10 – 20. This brand supplies multiple products for various bicycle types with superior quality. 


This American brand provides different bike parts, including bike chains, with excellent performance at the price range of  $7 to 15. 

Choosing their bike chain types may be easier for beginners since their products don’t have master links. 


Shimano is a well-known supplier of bicycle accessories. Their bike chain types are affordable, costing about $25 – $80. They are efficient and durable with perfect performance. One of the prevalent products is Shimano HG71 which can last on your bike over 1,000 miles.

Labor Cost

Apart from the general cost of bike chains, you should also pay attention to the replacement price if your bike chain is faulty or has any issues. 

First, the bike chain replacement cost will range from about $20 – $30 (sometimes $50) if you look for expert support for your faulty chain. 

Besides, you may choose the DIY bike chain replacement at a cheaper cost. Yet, you have to make sure you get the know-how and required tools to do so.

Symptoms to Replace New Bike Chain You Need to Know

Many newbies or laypeople don’t know when to invest in a new set of bike chains. Remember the common signs below to know when you need to replace your current chain. 

The major reason a bicycle chain requires the proper replacement is rust. Ignoring this common sign will also impact other parts of your bike and your rear derailleur. Rust will corrode the chains and make them brittle. 

Another symptom that tells you to replace the new chain is a worn bike chain or bike chain falling off all the time. The chains are easy to wear with normal use and exposure to moisture. The pins connecting the bike chain also lose their grip.

Besides, the worn-out chain is likely to break if you pedal too hard or shift the derailleur because it is difficult to absorb the force.

Also, you can know when you should replace your chain by checking the mileage expiration date. A bike chain will last about 1,500 to 2,000 miles. Yet, regular lubrication and maintenance will make your bike chain exist longer.

bike chain cost

Choosing The Right Bike Chain

The materials of the bike chain are one of the important factors you should consider to opt for the right type. 

The most common materials for chains in your bike are carbon, nickel, or alloy. Nickel and alloys are familiar options for cheap bike chain production, but carbon is the main ingredient of the more expensive products with better quality. 

Aside from identifying suitable materials, inspecting the right bike gear is necessary before purchasing a chain for your bike. Also, taking the compatibility into account is essential before choosing and installing a new bike chain. 

So, don’t ignore the chain length because the chain needs to fit your bicycle for smooth riding. Determining the external and internal width when purchasing the new bike chain will help the chain get perfect compatibility with your bike. 

Tips For Bike Chain Maintenance

First, cleaning the bike chain contributes to effective maintenance. This is a simple method to help your chain last longer after you repair or replace it. You can use chain tools and cleaners to make your bike chain dirt-free and operate better. 

Second, lubricating your bike chain also prevents it from corroding. Choose drip lubricant or paraffin wax lubes to do this for your chain. Paraffin wax can be a more powerful option, but its price is higher.


The above is useful information about the bike chain cost that you can consider to pick the cheap and right type when replacing or repairing this part. Don’t neglect the signs that tell you when to replace a new chain and the simple tips for making it more durable. 

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